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Weekly Specials
February Bundle
The $30 Bundle is BACK!!

2 - 8oz Seasoned Ribeyes
2 Butterfly pork chops
1# ground beef patties
2# Pork sausage
1 package of any flavor brats
All for $30!!!

       Sandwich Ribeyes $3.19 each
       Seasoned Sandwich Ribeyes $3.29 each
       Sandwich Pork Chops $1.10 each
       Seasoned Sandwich Pork Chops $1.20 each
       Ribeyes $12.89lb
       NY Strips $8.99lb
       T-Bones $9.19lb
       Porterhouse $9.29lb
      8 ounce Bacon Wrapped Filet $6.50 each
      Sirloin Steak $8.79lb

                                                                Stop by to see all the frozen specials that change weekly!!!
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